Palm Leaf Bags

Palm leaf plants are grown as a wild plant in many dry areas of the country. For centuries, processed palm was used by Buddhist priest for Ola Leaf writing. Women use this palm for weaving mats and baskets for home use and bags and purses for day today use. These bags are hand crafted naturally with well seasoned Palm leaves to give it a unique design Our Stylish handbags come in attractive hand painted colours. Our ECO-friendly Bags are of super quality at a competitive price!   Key features: – Perfect for daily shopping, Functions or road trips! – Light […]

Reed and Rush Handcrafts

Sri Lanka’s vibrant craft traditions extended back centuries. It incorporates within it a complex mixture of indigenous practices and foreign influences. The handicrafts range from expositions of skills and artistic creativity, to marketable products that contribute significantly to the economy of the country.

Wooden Ornaments

Three-wheeler Tuk Tuk or three wheel is common way of transport in Sri Lanka. Foreigners find it easy and cheap way to travel short distance during the stay. It’s open space allow to view surroundings and enjoy the wind while travelling. Train Train travel in Sri Lanka is a unique experience. The network stretches across scenic hill country, magically untouched country side, and secluded beaches of the Indian Ocean. Whichever route chosen you’re assured of an unforgettable journey. So Keep them memories!

Wooden Elephant

Give your home truly Lankan feel with this handcrafted wooden craft of the Sri Lankan elephant, an emblem of wisdom, wealth and supremacy. The Sri Lankan people have had a long association with elephants for a very long time. It has been a part of their traditional and religious activities. The Kandy Esala procession is a grand festival celebrated with elegant costumes.  This historical procession is hedl annually to pay homage to the Sacred Tooth relic of Lord Buddha, which is housed at the Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy. The procession consists of many traditional local dances such as fire, […]

Wooden Puzzles

Make Education more interesting to your kids. Learning is fun! Grab our beautiful selection of quality children’s puzzles for early pre-school children and those with extra special needs. Puzzles help develop a child’s concentration and problem solving skills without losing sight of the value of ‘PLAY’. 

The Garuda Demon

This typical Sinhalese ritual masks, The Gurulu (Garuda Raksha) is the portrait of a mythical solar bird devouring a snake large mythical bird with eagle -like features. It is used in a Raksha Dance (Demon Dance) to frighten away the cobra demon. Garuda is decorated with the enemy snakes, as if they were a sort of a trophy. The dance is apotropaic, its purpose being to magically avert the real danger that snake bite poses to the villagers. The sharp features of the eagle like bird is said to bring protection and good luck.

The Serpent Demon

The serpent demon is said to bring protection from all kinds of danger. the cobra or Naga as it is called symbolizes protection. Sri Lankan folks believe that having these in homes bring good luck too. These are unique work of arts by the skilled craftsmen in the southern coastal areas of Sri Lanka. The unique crafts are handmade and hand painted with exquisite vivid colours. There may be very few (Human -errors) unevenness faults. Here it is a man-made product.

Gini Raksha Mask

The Fire Demon Gini Raksha, the Fire Devil, vanquishes enemies and brings friendship and harmony. During the Pre-Buddhist times when Sri Lanka was an agricultural based society people used to believe that keeping these masks brings good luck and protection. The beliefs and traditions are passed on to generations to come. The unique crafts are hand-made and hand-painted with exquisite vivid colours. This mask is newly created wall hanging item.

Mayura Raksha Mask

The Peacock Demon The Sri Lankan Peacock Devil mask, Mayura Raksha, brings peace, harmony and wealth according to the superstition of Sri Lankan culture. The masks represent three beautiful feathered peacocks on the sides and top of the mask. The three peacocks are painted majority in blue. The colour blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven and is considered beneficial to the mind and body.